Eriq Huang  |  Service Designer

Born in 1995, an entrepreneurial designer based in San Francisco who specializes in Service Design in the industries of Artificial Intelligence, Software as a Service, Tangible Industrial, and Fashion. He creates pragmatic and balanced design solutions to tackle complex problems, from infrastructure to superstructure. He dedicated to envisioning how people can have a pleasant experience with a product, brand, or a larger scope and bringing it to life in a way that feels inspired, refined, and even magical.

Experiencing wealth and poverty, being suited to Confucianism. Currently experimenting with new technologies, coalescing confucian core philosophies into design concepts, and getting feet wet into business model generation.

Service Design Process

1. Research and Analysis. This phase involves gathering information about the current state of the service, the target audience, and their needs. Research methods include customer interviews, surveys, and data analysis.
2. Ideation and Concept Development.
It involves generating ideas and developing a service concept that addresses the needs of the target audience. This is typically done through brainstorming and co-creation workshops.
3. Service Blueprinting.
Blueprints involves creating a visual representation of the service, including all touchpoints and interactions with customers. This helps to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.
4. Prototyping and Testing.
It involves creating a prototype of the service and testing it with a small group of customers. Feedback is collected and used to refine the service.
5. Implementation and Evaluation.
This phase involves implementing the service design changes, including training staff and making any necessary operational changes. Evaluation involves monitoring the service and collecting feedback to measure its effectiveness. This helps to identify areas for further improvement.

Side Passion

I keep a blog where I write about design every month. I am currently collaborating with organizations, such as Diffbot, Tencent, Google and Stanford in advocating user experience. When I am not doing any of those things, you might find me playing drone, exploring the city with a new friend, and trying out the latest food trends, please feel free to drop me a line!   ( copy email )