There are many faults in the Bay Area certain to produce large earthquakes in the future. All Bay Area communities are at risk from the damaging effects of quakes—strong shaking, land-sliding, and liquefaction. Scientists estimate that there is more than a 60% chance of a damaging earthquake striking the region in the next 30 years. Actionwave was created as an awareness-raising campaign and website to facilitate the creation of family disaster preparedness plans.


  1. Not sure preparing emergency items at home enough
  2. It’s hard to find online government official emergency resource
  3. Have no idea about immediate things to do to protect families
  4. Have no idea about help family recover from the chaos, both mentally and physically
  5. Property, house, insurance and jobs


  1. Comprehensive check list for emergency items
  2. Sort out data, structured the information
  3. Make immediate / first plan & secondary / long term plan
  4. Customized plan guidance
  5. Detailed disaster relief curriculum

competitive assessment





emergency manual


what i learned

Helping people to prepare emergency plan is a great thing, while doing the research, I learnt background deeply, giving multiple solutions and select the best choice. Knowing the pain point is the most important thing, creating prototype for user and test it help me develop my concept thoughtfully.