Eriq Huang  |  UX Designer

Born in 1995, A designer and artist based in San Francisco who specializes in digital interaction and user experience. He creates pragmatic and equilibrium design concepts to tackle sophisticated problems. He devotes to envision how people pleasantly experience the product and bring that to life in a way that feels inspired, refined and even magical.

Experiencing wealth and poverty, being suited to Confucianism, absolutely liberalism. Currently experimenting with new technology interactions, coalescing confucian core philosophies into design methodologies and concepts, and getting feet wet into business model generation.

User Experience Design Process

1. LEARN. Study the knowledge of business goal, brand story, historical context inquiry, target users, technologies, gather research of statistic data, competitive products, conduct stakeholders and users interviews.
Make infographics of research outcome, demonstrate user profiles, user tasks, journey map, task flows, sitemaps, and present multiple solutions.
Test and iterate multiple wireframes, develop prototypes, balance between user, bussiness, and technology, sort out appropriate solution.
Synthesis and specify the concept, evolve high-fidelity prototypes, conduct usability testing, obtain feedback from users, experts, and stakeholders, refine and validate product.
Consummate final design, deliver Dev-Friendly outcomes, push implementation, ready for next iteration.

Side Passion

I keep a blog where I write about design every month. I am currently collaborating with organizations, such as, Tianchimel in advocating UX. When I am not doing any of those things, you might find me playing drone, exploring the city with a new friend, or trying out the latest food trends (pm me if you want to eat together!)   ( copy email )